Our Story

I established KYM in 2010 as a small consulting business to provide financial planning and analysis (FP&A) services to clients in Delaware. I previously led multiple high-visibility data-driven FP&A activities for global banks, corporations and other clients. However, after having children, I quickly realized that these large organizations are not as agile as they claim, and a number of corporate promises about work-life-balance and family-friendly environments were just that... promises.

My kids were still very young and needed parental attention, so I decided to own my changing circumstances, and shifted my career approach and corporate trajectory. I started KYM to work with smaller businesses that could benefit from my large business experience at a more affordable small business budget. As I moved to the DC area with my family, I continued to work with smaller and not-for-profit organizations. My vision for KYM was to create an organization that was nimble, responsive, and flexible to accommodate employee needs as they transition through different stages in life without sacrificing their careers and growth opportunities.

My husband joined KYM in 2012, and together we developed KYM as a small business that was very supportive of our small employee base. As KYM's growth accelerated, we continued to work very hard to stay true to our commitment to KYM's core principles. It's not always easy juggling employee constraints, client needs, COVID, the great resignation, etc. - but we continue to strive to offer an environment where our team members thrive personally, and professionally.

- Dimple Mehra
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KYM Culture

KYM intentionally crafted a work environment that enables all our employees to thrive personally, and professionally as their work-life-balance needs evolve, without sacrificing their career and growth opportunities.

We embrace the following fundamental principles that guide our actions and help us make daily progress towards achieving goals:

    Integrity - Integrity is the quality of having strong ethical principles that we follow at all times. Honesty and trust are central to integrity, as is consistency.

    Innovation - We constantly pursue innovative ways to update, change, and improve our processes, tools, techniques, and management methods.

    Inclusion - We respect and value our diverse pool of employees and we have created an environment that allows them to reach their full potential while contributing to our combined success.

    Opportunity - We offer our team members many ways to enhance their technical and profession skills and advance careers as they gain experiences, in line with their work-life balance needs.


KYM offers a comprehensive package of benefits and services to our employees. Our employee benefit program includes:

    Group Medical Health Insurance (Multiple Plans - 100% Company Paid for Employees; subsidized for Family members)
    Dental Insurance (Multiple Plans - 100% Company Paid for Employees)
    Vision Insurance (100% Company Paid for Employees)
    Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
    Retirement Plan (401K with company matching)
    Life Insurance – 100% Company Paid
    AD&D Benefits – 100% Company Paid
    Long Term Disability (LTD) – 100% Company Paid
    Short Term Disability (STD) – 100% Company Paid
    Direct Deposit
    Paid Vacation and Holidays
    Professional Training and Development (via KYM University hosted by Udemy)
    Technology training and certification available from our technology partners
    Employee Referral Bonuses

Awards and Certifications